About GlassArch Services

GlassArch Services

...your glass solution experts.

GlassArch Services exists to drive excellence and cutting edge solutions in architectural glass works, aluminium and glass engineering industry by providing quality glass designs, supply and installation services to suit customers’ building projects. With well over 22 years of cumulative experience our crew is highly knowledgeable in safety glass and aluminium projects, keeps up with latest trends and has the experience to handle almost any situation.

We are focused on combining creativity and practicality to bring new and compelling solutions for customer’s architectural development needs by leveraging our intellectual resources which is deeply rooted in our team’s technical expertise and relationship with numerous production establishments to whom we often offer technical consultancy on glass works.

Our technical team is made up of seasoned Architects and Engineers with over 20years of cumulative experience in safety glass production and aluminium fabrications.

When next you are planning a glass project, we can help you from design through production and installation stages to final completion. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something very unique, you’ll find GlassArch Services can accommodate your vision.

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Glass can be rigid but our minds are flexible enough to achieve the best for your designs.

Sourcing and Supply

Sourcing and Supply

We have strong reach and connections with local and international manufacturers.

Installation Services

Installation Services

We have the best brains and hands that are extremely skilled at installation.

Maintenance & Replacement Services

Maintenance & Replacement Services

Re-inject life into existing structures with fresh ideas.

GlassArch Services Your Glass Solution Experts

Providing timely solutions and creative support for glass projects.

We are one of the best.

Our Vision is to become the No 1 glass solution company of choice in West Africa.

Our Core Values are:



Effective Solutions

Quality Service

Customer Satisfaction