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Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Glass can be rigid but our minds are flexible enough to achieve the best for your designs.

Sourcing and Supply

Sourcing and Supply

We have strong reach and connections with local and international manufacturers.

Installation Services

Installation Services

We have the best brains and hands that are extremely skilled at installation.

Maintenance & Replacement Services

Maintenance & Replacement Services

Re-inject life into existing structures with fresh ideas.

We are experienced and extremely skilled.

Our Competences Include;

Glass is a non-crystalline, often transparent inorganic solid, that has widespread practical, technological, and decorative use in various areas.
Aluminium is widely used in building because of its intrinsic properties of lightness and corrosion resistance.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the name of a family of iron-based alloys known for their corrosion and heat resistance.
Composite Panel (Cladding)
Composite panels are a popular construction material consisting of an insulated core sandwiched between two metal or plastic facings


Supplies we can provide include;

Dulled and Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass is about four times stronger than regular glass.
Laminated Glass
Laminated Glass is a safety glass that stays together when shattered.
Curved Glass
Curved glass, also referred to as bent glass, is glass that has been heated past its softening point and formed into a curved shape
Bullet Resistant Glass
Bulletproof glass, ballistic glass, transparent armor, or bullet-resistant glass is a strong and optically transparent material that is particularly resistant to penetration by projectiles.
Fire Resistant Glass
Fire-resistant glass is specialist glass that has been proven to provide a period protection against fire.
Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium construction profiles are used wherever you build machine frames, workstations, shelves or guardings.
Glazing fittings & Accessories (304 Stainless Steel)
Smart quality fittings for glass doors, systems for railings and sliding doors and solutions for shower screens and doors
Glass films (frosting, reflective, tinting & security films)
Glass film (tint) is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces
Insulated/Double glazed glass
Double-glazed glass (also known as Insulated Glass Units) comprise of two or more panes of glass, separated by an air (or gas) filled cavity that is completely sealed -forming a transparent insulating barrier between the interior of your space and the outdoors.

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