The Features and Benefits of Glass Balustrades Railings

The Features and Benefits of Glass Balustrades Railings

Glass Balustrades Railings in Nigeria is popularly used structural glazing to provide protection against level changes in an architectural design. These glass barriers are completely transparent, so they help in reducing disruption on views from within the building and also minimising the impact the existence of the barrier on the building design.

A standard glass balustrade will be built of toughened glass that is at least 10mm thick, ensuring that it is both durable and effective as a safety measure. For every square metre of glass, four glass clamps are required to secure the panels to the supports.

When it comes choosing Glass Balustrades Railings In Nigeria, your choice of fits will be determined by the appearance you wish to achieve. Glass balustrades are often a modern and urban design component that pairs nicely with stainless steel clamps, handrails, and posts. However, wooden railings and posts are also available, providing a very appealing alternative.

Glass railing is a non-metallic material used widely in day to day life in varied fields such as architecture, art and manufacture of instruments, etc. It is usually in the form of tempered glass, printed glass, optical glass, dimming glass and other types for high technical requirements.

 Some of the popular applications for a structural glass balustrade are as follows:

  • staircase
  • landing
  • mezzanine floor
  • external balcony
  • rooftop space
  • terraced areas 


  • Glass staircase railing bar has a rich and sophisticated presentation that makes them a popular choices.
  • These railings are safe and long lasting. Even if the whole tempered glass is damaged, it does not fall down and hurt anyone.
  • These railings increase the space visually and brighten the environment
  • They are perfect to meet various personalized decoration needs of customers. It also provides better decorative effect that may attract the eyeballs of many decoration lovers.
  • The natural texture of railing can produce a feeling of mobility and make it easy to match with atmosphere.

The frameless glass balustrade is designed in a way to withstand all loadings applied including line loading, UDL and concentrated. Glass is usually fixed at the base either using clamping or bolting method or with the use of structural bonding of the glass to the building structure.

When you are using a glass balustrade on a project, it is important to consider various elements to ensure that you are using strong and safe material. Many reputed Architectural glass companies in Nigeria, specialise in Tempered glass installation in Nigeria, Switchable smart glass and glass balustrade railings. It is important to do some research to find reputed and renowned retailers to buy quality products.

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